Logo: The Identity and its Impact

Logo: The Identity and its Impact


When you drive on the highway and from a distance, you see two golden arches intersecting, you know the fast food eatery is round the corner. A swoosh makes you instantly think of sneakers. A stylised mermaid reminds you of coffee. You immediately recognise the brand just by glancing the image of an apple with a bite. That’s the impact of the logo!. Some of the most recognisable brands have successfully spread globally, breaking language barriers. Technological trends come and go, strategies and techniques evolve but a logo stands the test of time and for all eternity, it is bound to make your business most talked about.

What is the Purpose of a Logo?

Logo is the most important part of visual branding. It has the power to create instant recognition among customers. It is rightly said a picture is worth a thousand words. The concept of logos has been around since as early as 9000 BC when ancient civilizations used pictograms to express ideas and thoughts. Over a period of time, people learnt to use symbols to identify everything. Symbols are said to have an emotional appeal. They help people recall their experience. When it comes to business, a well-designed logo is crucial for the growth and development of a company. A glance at a familiar logo brings forth expectations and experiences about that particular brand. A logo represents the company’s identity and influences potential customers.

Key Elements of a Great Logo

Whether it is just a stylised name of the company or a creative image, a company’s logo must be identifiable, impressive and instil trust in your brand. Here are few key elements that go into developing a successful logo

  • Simplicity
  • Relevance
  • Uniqueness
  • Memorable
  • Vibrant

Sophistication Lies in Simplicity

Simplicity is one of the most important aspects to an effective logo. A business logo might appear on websites, letterheads, banners, signage, product packaging and adverts. With the increasing popularity of social media, a simple yet impactful logo is vital to engage your audience and maximise your reach on different platforms. The logo design should be straightforward so that it can be easily recognisable and memorable. Too many unnecessary elements can prove to be distracting for branding. It might confuse you instead of drawing attention.

Fresh and Relevant

A logo is the face of your brand; hence it should reflect your company’s values. It should portray the personality of your business. The focus should be on how easily the logo is identifiable. Shapes and colours are easier to remember than words and sentences.

Staying Unique

It is important to be unique, especially when you have an online presence. When your social media campaign is well placed but an effective logo is absent, it might not really help in promoting business. People associate your brand with the logo. As the saying goes ‘’First impression is the last impression’, a distinct logo can help you stay different from the rest. It also serves as an effective marketing tool that ensures customer loyalty.

Timeless Appeal

Besides being simple and unique, a logo should be memorable so that the customer can recall the brand every time he/she sees it. It requires an artistic vision, extensive research and a strategic planning to create a timeless logo.

Inspiring Colour Pattern

Choosing a right colour pattern with a cool and refreshing look is vital while designing a logo. Some colours are believed to create certain emotions. For example, blue conveys freshness and trust and green represents nature. The right mix and match of colours will strengthen the message that a logo tries to communicate. It should also have the ease of printing besides an aesthetic effect on the screen.

In today’s fast paced business environment, it is inevitable to strengthen brand image. And a logo is a necessity. It might seem a small symbol but it certainly makes a significant impact on business, helping you understand customers’ perception of your brand.

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