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Why is a 3D walkthrough the best presentation technique for real estate?

Graphics are not only visually appealing but they make it easier to understand and process information. Many industries especially real estate employ 3D walkthrough videos to present their properties in a more creative way giving accurate insights to the customer. Since not everyone understands blueprints easily and sketches cannot be realistic, architects and real estate companies require something innovative to reach out to their clients and customers. In such a scenario, 3D walkthrough animation is the best and effective solution. The 3D walkthrough companies are gaining demand due to many architectural firms and real estate companies choosing 3D walkthrough services as a preferred medium to visualise the property in great detail. It provides a clear interpretation of the design and takes one on a virtual tour inside the buildings, giving a glimpse into amenities and surroundings. It is also an effective marketing tool as the videos allow buyers to view and analyse every design
detail of the property right from the comfort of their home.

What is a 3D walkthrough?

A 3D walkthrough uses a technology that consists of a moveable video showcasing every detail of a location. Walkthrough presentations are simulated through software such as AutoCAD, 3D Max, After Effects. These amazing videos give the customer an immersive experience by exhibiting a detailed view of interiors and exteriors of a building. It also helps real estate companies to detect the flaws in construction plan and rectify the same. They can visualise the entire plan before it is finalised. 3D walkthrough animation allows buyers get a detailed indoor and outdoor view of the building. An architectural walkthrough includes 3D renderings that give high quality images, animations that precisely showcase the interiors and the sequences take the viewer on a realistic tour while providing all the information.

Benefits of 3D walkthrough videos

Walkthrough videos ensure a 360-degree view of a building and its interiors, enabling better understanding for prospective buyers. Engineers, architects and real estate companies can gain advantages from this technology. It gives the customer a realistic feel on the overall structure, atmosphere and interior layout. Let’s take a quick look at some of the advantages of using 3D architectural walkthrough services.


Graphic walkthrough film can be made even before the construction commences. It saves cost compared to other services that market the property. It is easy to carry out changes in 3D renderings, to suit the requirements of clients.

Realistic representation

3D walkthrough videos help in presenting property designs and layout in a creative, impressive and realistic way using 3D visualisations and architectural rendering, making it appealing and further generate leads.

More clarity to buyers

It has a positive effect on marketing. A homebuyer would want to have a clear idea on how the property would look. 3D animation walkthrough video allows integration of key components like parking, terraces, landscape and human beings which create a realistic view.

Saves time

As physical mock ups consume a lot of time 3D architectural walkthrough videos are beneficial in saving time. All buyers might not be interested to read lengthy brochures. In such a scenario, these videos can be attractive, clear and more informative.

Walkthrough videos not only promote the brand but also influence customers’ purchase decision. It has become the most effective marketing strategy for the real estate domain.

Software used in creating an architectural walkthrough

Some of the popular programs used in creating 3d rendering include Lumion which is effective in 360-degree panoramas and gives faster results when compared to other 3D rendering programs. Lumion can breathe life into your designs. It comes in Lumion basic version and Lumion Pro with advanced features. Shapespark is popular among architects
and designers. It is not limited to select viewpoints and is a fully integrated solution that helps you create interactive presentations and share them through VR based applications. Life like walkthroughs can be created using 3D Max software. It supports multiple plugin options and is popular for its rendering, visualisation and animation development. In today’s real estate scenario, 3d walkthrough videos are a necessity to improve branding and attract potential customers. Efficient marketing runs business in today’s digital world.
Most architects, real estate firms and designers have turned to 3d walkthrough services, considered to be the latest marketing technique to attract customers and drive sales. Using graphic walkthrough technology helps save time and cut costs. A well-designed walkthrough video can boost web traffic as well, leading to greater brand awareness. If you are looking at perfect walkthrough video maker, Scintilla Kreations is one of the eminent ad agencies in Hyderabad with a successful track record in creating effective
3D graphic walkthroughs for reputed clients in the real estate sector. Reputed among the top-notch 3d walkthrough companies, Scintilla has been consistently delivering photorealistic rendering with great visualisations that bring projects to life.


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