Crafting marketable videos for real estate

Crafting marketable videos for real estate

In today’s digital age, real estate promotion has gone far beyond the traditional methods. Capturing the attention of potential buyers requires innovative approaches. And one such popular method is 3d walkthrough videos that offer an immersive way to effectively present the properties even before it is built. Let’s look at some key points to consider while making an engaging real estate promotion walkthrough video.

Highlight stand out features

An architectural walkthrough video must engage the viewer by a stunning introduction with the property’s USP. The special characteristic that sets the property apart from others must be talked about. Emphasise on the benefits such as increased comfort, convenience and value for money.

Locational advantages

Your video should provide viewers with the property’s location and landmarks in the area. Mentioning about upcoming infrastructural projects and proximity to high growth corridors will further enhance the graphic walkthrough film.

Engaging flow of sequences

Plan the order of the video to align with the engaging narrative. The sequences should create an engaging progression through the virtual journey of the property.

Visual consistency

The visual style must remain consistent throughout the video. Focus on right lighting, composition and camera angles for engaging and clear visuals. Incorporating graphics and text overlays will provide more information about the venture. The text has to be clear and visually appealing.

Engaging narrative

A well-executed narration and a crisp and clear voiceover can enhance the impact of the graphic walkthrough. It helps create an emotional connection with viewers in addition to providing them information and an immersive experience. It holds their attention and encourages them to continue watching the video till the end. Incorporating testimonials from customers will help potential buyers connect deeply with the property.

Promotion across channels

Once the graphic walkthrough video is complete, it must be promoted across multiple channels such as social media platforms, to maximise the reach. Additionally, property listing websites, newsletters also help in effectively reaching your target audience and generate interest in property purchase.

Call to action

The 3d walkthrough video should inspire and influence the viewer to engage with the brand and eventually take the desired action. The details related to phone numbers, email addresses and the office/project address must be prominently displayed in the video.

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