The key objectives of Advertising

The key objectives of Advertising

Advertising creates awareness about a product or service and promotes it to the public. It is a marketing communication to inform and persuade people to buy a product or use a service. There are different types of advertising such as print advertising, television commercials, hoardings and social media advertising. Advertising helps in reaching out to the right customers at the right time.

The key elements of advertising include creating awareness and influencing the customers to make a purchase decision. An effective strategy helps in successful advertising that ensures brand promotion, maximum sales and loyal customers.

Let us understand the main objectives of advertising that help drive business growth.

Introduction about product/service

Informing customers about the new product or service is the first step in meeting your business goal. Ad campaigns are used to ensure deeper understanding about what the brand stands for and how the product or service will help customers. People tend to buy a product or use it only after they are made aware about it.

Brand awareness

In advertising, awareness means how memorable a brand can get to its customers. Awareness creation informs and educates people about a product or service, while influencing them to make a purchase decision. As the advertising legend David Ogilvy said ‘Every advertisement should be thought of as a contribution to the complex symbol which is the brand image”, a strong brand identity is necessary for business growth. This is one of the prominent objectives of advertising as it helps focus on creating campaigns that ensure customers identify the brand easily. Once people start recognising the brand, it will be easier to gain trust.

Product differentiation

Product differentiation looks at what makes your product or service different from others. The purpose of product differentiation is to encourage the customer to choose one particular product over the other by mentioning the qualities that sets it apart from the rest of the products. Brand positioning with value proposition is important to achieve advantage over other brands offering similar products or services.

Increase in sales

A well-designed advertising strategy increases sales and profits. Product promotions through interesting deals and offers can attract more customers and gradually have a positive impact on sales. Increase in sales is one of the prime objectives of advertising, as effective advertising techniques can spread the word, attract new customers and generate sales.

Improve audience engagement

Audience engagement is how customers interact with your brand. With the growing prominence of social media channels, audience engagement is vital to strengthen your brand presence. Effective campaigns and giveaways help in influencing customers to interact more with your brand.

Increases goodwill

Effective advertising brings more opportunities for business and helps build a loyal customer base. Enhancing the brand goodwill forms one of the most important objectives of advertising. When advertising assures better products and services consistently, it enhances the reputation of the brand. Repetition of ads leads to retention of the message in customers’ minds. This allows them to have a better image about the brand.

Educating customers

Various advertising approaches are used to focus on product quality, USP and emotionally appealing factors to build up customer experience. Educating the customer involves providing all the relevant information related to a product or service in addition to presenting the benefits of using it. This helps in enhancing customers’ knowledge about the nature of the product/service. The deeper understanding helps in building trust with the brand.

Build brand loyalty

Building brand loyalty is one of the important objectives of advertising, which helps brands grow strong in the long run. If a customer chooses a specific product repeatedly instead of a substitute produced by the competitor, advertising has succeeded in creating a strong brand identity. This further helps in loyal customers spreading the word to their friends.

Constant communication

Constant communication helps in retaining customers. The effective message in advertising must be consistent and frequent to attract audience attention and generate positive outcome. Increased awareness and repeated exposure to the brand creates a favourable attitude towards the brand and long-term loyalty from potential customers.

Improve ROI

Improving the Return on Investment is one of the prominent objectives of advertising as it measures your investment to see whether it is working or not. With the success of digital marketing, it is easier to monitor and track success.

Expand into new markets

Larger advertising campaigns help companies gain larger target audience across the globe. With the popularity of diverse social media platforms and digital channels, the advertising messages can reach a wider audience. Brand positioning and communication strategy are the key factors in introducing the brand to new markets.

Successful advertising depends not only on a brilliant idea but effective implementation and right advertising strategy. A professional advertising agency can effectively meet the objectives of advertising and handle all aspects from logo designs to copywriting, ad films and campaigns that communicate about the product/service, promote the brand, engage the audience and eventually generate sales and profit. The Hyderabad based Scintilla Kreations has over two decades of extensive experience in creating customer centric ad films for diverse brands. The agency is also equipped with an in-house production facility which makes it easier to get all advertising related services right from concept to script, design, videos, strategy and post production under one roof.

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