Corporate Video-key Factors

What are the key Factors of a Corporate Video

Corporate films are produced by any business or organisation to raise awareness and promote the brand. These videos serve as corporate identity design for different purposes ranging from introduction to clients and customers to investor presentation and business events.

Why Should you Consider Making a Corporate Video Film?

Visuals leave a lasting impact and senior executives would prefer watching a corporate film than reading an elaborate text. These films are an excellent marketing strategy that has the potential to convert viewers into customers. Secondly these videos are easy to share via emails or online thus expanding its reach. However, the corporate video shoot must ensure it is not boring with lengthy information that loses the attention of the audience. The key points must be conveyed in an engaging and effective manner.

Brand Recognition – An effective way to forge positive association with the brand.

Reach Out to Potential Customers – Helps capture the attention of right customers.

Reflects the Company History and Values – Effective brand storytelling reflecting the company’s values and purpose.

Motivate Employees – Inspire employees to succeed at work.

The key Elements of a Corporate Video

A corporate video film must emphasise on the company’s achievements and capabilities. In addition to giving facts, features and benefits, the corporate identity design must connect to the audience on an emotional level and grab their attention till the end of the film. The aspect of visual storytelling has a greater impact as the audience will remember it for long. Appropriate colour patterns, background music and image during the corporate video shoot will further make the corporate video more engaging and effective.

Strong Visuals – It should reflect your brand values. The beginning of a corporate video film should be impressive enough to set the pace for the rest of the film.

Engaging Narrative – The introduction, central part and the conclusion should talk about relevant things in a crisp, accurate and engaging manner. The voice over, narration and scenes in the corporate video must be accurate and hold the attention of the audience throughout the film.

Decide on the Target Audience – Corporate films can aim at a company’s clients, acquiring new customers or for its business events. It must be tailored to a specific audience.

Customer-Centric Perspective – The objective of the video should focus on what the customer will benefit from it. The visuals and narrative should convince the viewer that it is right for them.

Keep it Simple and Short – Quality should be emphasised than quantity. The digital era is so fast that people’s attention span is less and they prefer watching short videos. Your corporate video film should convey the central message in the simple and best way possible without any repetitions.

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