Our Story

A journey marked by enduring excellence

This is not just a business story. It is a journey of humble beginnings evolving into an epitome of creative excellence in visual narratives. Scintilla Kreations took its first little yet ambitious step in 2003 at the vibrant city of Hyderabad.
At the heart of our story is the entrepreneurial dynamo and a masterful creative professional Kemburu Sateesh Kumar who not only dared to dream big but also turned the aspiration into achievement. His creative expertise fuelled by the spark of passion, innovation, dedication and integrity has steered Scintilla into what it is today, securing a formidable clientele in India and abroad. Under his visionary leadership and guidance, the team finds inspiration to overcome challenges and craft visual narratives that go beyond ordinary. Throughout our growth journey, we worked hard, tackled challenges and adopted new technologies, solidifying our position as an advertising powerhouse in the region.
Our journey flowed like a river, staying in sync with the fast-changing market, ensuring our services are relevant to today’s audience. While advertising remained at the core of our identity, our passion for innovation led us to explore new horizons. We integrated tech-driven modern marketing services into our repertoire, with offerings such as 3D walkthrough films, 360-degree experiences, museum and gallery designing services.
We strive to stay at the forefront of innovation, setting benchmarks with each project. Companies worldwide value our expertise and we welcome every opportunity to expand our creative horizons. By adopting advanced technology and regularly training our team, we contribute to shaping the future of visual communications. With 100% in-house production, we simplify the journey from concept to post-production. This approach infuses every project with Scintilla Kreations’ distinctive spark of creativity and innovation.
As we reflect on our path so far, we are proud of the visual stories we have crafted, the brands that we have elevated and the impact we have made. Join us in shaping each chapter, making a lasting impact as the endless adventure continues…

Video solutions

Connect with your audience through ad films, corporate videos, whiteboard animation, explainer, demo videos and more.

Next Gen marketing

Cutting-edge walkthrough films, 360-degree photography and 3D projection mapping services that captivate your audience.

Aesthetic designing

Plan, design and optime museum and gallery space with artistic finesse to create an inviting atmosphere for a delightful visitor experience.

The energy behind our success

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