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A corporate presentation is a visual representation of who you are and what can be expected for your company to deliver. Simply put, it boils down to how you are presenting the values of your company, showcasing the intelligence of your team and putting forward the futuristic vision for new customers. So, it isn’t enough to just create any corporate video or presentation.

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You have to know hot it works…
To begin with, it should establish a strong connection with target audience. Next, it should subtly distinguish itself from other competitors in a believable way. And more importantly, it must impart audio-visual information which can impact customer retention and growth.

At Scintilla Kreations, we believe that with your corporate video you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Therefore, our team’s focus is devoted to making sure your presentation makes a substantial impression at first sight. With our dedication to film making and knowledge of digital technologies we push at the right pace.

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Corporate Presentation

Corporate Presentation


Corporate Presentation

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Corporate Presentation

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Corporate Presentation

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Clients and Testimonials
  • We would like to congratulate you for an impressive ad film for both 'FAROOKY and ZINDA TILISMATH' and look forward to continuing our business relationship.

    Creative Ad Agencies in Hyderabad
    Mohammed Owaisuddin Farooqui
    Karkhana Zinda Tilismath
  • We would like to congratulate you on successfully completing 'video shooting of our Plant and Products' and also for providing a wonderful presentation of the same.

    Best Advertising Agency in India
    I. U. Rao
    PETE Hammond Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • My hearty congratulations for accomplishing the tasks of Devlok, Oasis Sports Village and Samskruthi Agri Village on time and with highest standard of quality.

    Graphic Walkthrough Film Makers in Hyderabad
    K. Ajay Kumar
    Vaishnovi Versatile Ventures
  • …delivered best advertising services in brand building activity of NAGARJUNA Cement and also made a corporate film on NCL Industries with excellent visuals.

    Best Corporate Film Makers in India
    K. Gautam
    NCL Industries Limited
  • We are pleased to inform you that you have been enlisted as a Production House with National Film Development Corporation Ltd. New Delhi for audio-visual production.

    Best Corporate Film Makers in Delhi
    Priyanka Mishra
  • Appreciate you on timely & successful completion of our Marico Product Knowledge Videos/Ad films since the last 2 years…look forward to continuing our business relationship.

    Best Advertising Agency in Hyderabad
    S. Ramanathan
    Marico Ltd.
  • We sincerely appreciate Scintilla Kreations in the successful completion of our project and wish that you will continue as the leading advertising agency in hyderabad.

    Best Advertising Agency in Hyderabad
    Santosh N. Mhadeshwar
  • Congratulations to you and your team for services provided in ARCI TechEX-2017, such as corporate film, video & photo coverage, media coordination.

    Best Corporate Film Makers in India
    Dr. Roy Johnson
  • We appreciate Scintilla Kreations role in the success of our project and wish you to continue as best advertising agency in hyderabad

    Monish Pattipati
  • “From my first interaction with Scintilla, I knew the company was fully committed to offering the highest level of service in ad film making. The wonderful ad they have created for us reaffirmed my faith and proved me right.”

    Srinivasa Reddy
    Shathabdhi Townships
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